Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Love and love..

"What you say about
the underage love?"
''It is ignorance..!" they said.
'About the teenage love..?'
''It could be just a curiosity!"
''The young man's love?"
''Well...it may be lust!"
''And the married man's love?"
''That should be buried!"
''What about the middle aged?"
''He should think about it twice!"
''And if the old man loved?"
''He should then be taken care off!"


സ്വപ്നം swapnam said...

the defenition of love is something , no one was able to concieve , so far, none. no age no barrier, no cast no creed. it just happens, the person you are married and living with may or may not be the right one, but you will meet the right one and when that happens,your instincts will tell you, there she is... or there he is...then, age,time, earth,sky and stars will be there to witnessthat. no one , and no force can stop you from facing that truth, the warmth of that feeling.

JamesBright said...

@Swapnam: Than you very much for your comment.
Whatever you have pointed about the love are purely true and I admire your wisdom.

just_a_girl said...

ah..! teemage, middle age.. or puppy love..
it always feels so wonderful :)

JamesBright said...

very nice thought..!