Sunday, April 16, 2006

Raining dreams..!

He was fast asleep
before the rain began..
It is still raining dreams
and now he is awake!

No one to come this day,
nothing to buy today, or
nowhere to go anyway..
He continued sleeping..!


Maya Cassis said...

it's just one of those days for me today

JamesBright said...
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JamesBright said...

Maya@ It is nice to have such days once in a while.
Thank you very much.

just_a_girl said...

yeah!! sometimes you wake up with a smile, and just go to sleep again..!! just to continuue the dream!!

Marthyan said...

Sleep well Dream well and wake well

JamesBright said...

@Marthyan: Thank you very much.

Neers said...

one fine day, he would definitely wake up...! very profound,doc!!

Rose said...

He continued floating in the land of dreams never wanting to wake up to a lonely world..


Best thing ot do...Be nonchalant n sleep...Though the circumstance is different or may be here.